Corporal Chloe

(Article by Chris Teale, Images by Irene McCullagh – Article originally appeared in All About Cats magazine in December 2010) The armed forces of the world since time immemorial have always seemed to have an affinity with various animals both wild and domestic. They seem to cheerfully join the ranks and fit in with the…
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Sikorsky S55 Whirlwind (HAS 22)

  The S-55 was introduced into the SAAF in 1956, with further airframes arriving in 1956 and 1957. These were assembled at Ysterplaat, and joined an S-51 as the Helicopter flight at AFS Langebaanweg. This flight was later re-established as 17SQN. WV 224  HISTORY 1953 – Built by Kaiser Corporation and delivered to Sikorsky on…
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Thomas Roberts Millar

  Flying Officer Thomas Robert Millar, RAAF AWARDS : 1939-45 Star; Italy Star; Defence Medal; War Medal 1939-45; Australia Service Medal 1939-45. Polish Home Army Medal 1939-1945; Warsaw Insurgents Cross 1944. COMMEMORATION : Panel 16, Col 1 of the Malta War Memorial, Malta. Bob was born in Narromine NSW, Australia, and educated in Sydney becoming…
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Mustang P-51D-20NA

Serial Number 44-72202 was delivered to the USAAF in September 1945 12/21/46: Delivered RSwAF 26112 F4, later F16 1952 Dec: Delivered Dominican AF FAD 1917 1984: (Johnson Av.) 1987: SAAF Historic Flight -restoration 1993: SAAF Museum -restoration 1998: Flying again as SAAF 325 2001: suffered a wheels up landing (repairs began) The airframe was acquired…
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Aeromacchi Atlas MB326M Impala Mark I and Mark II

An Italian design, the South African versions are known as Impalas. The dual seat prototype first flew in 1957, with the single seat version’s first flight occurring in 1970. The power plant is a Rolls Royce Viper Mk 540 turbojet offering 1547kg’s of static thrust. The principal dimensions include a wingspan of 10,56 metres, a…
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North American Harvard

The first prototype flew in 1937, the T6G had a top speed of 341 kmh at sea level with an operational ceiling of 6500m. A batch of 9 Mk I’s were delivered between 1940 and 1942, and the SAAF took delivery of their first batch of Harvard Mk II’s in 1942, with deliveries continuing until…
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Super Frelon 321L

The first prototype flew on December 7th, 1962, and the first production model flew on November 11th, 1965. This French aircraft was powered by three Turbomeca Turmo IIIC turbo shaft engines rated at 1320 shp (985Kw) each. The fuselage is 19.4 metres and the rotor diameter is 18.9 metres. The gross mass is 13 000…
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Fieseler Fi 156 Storch

The first prototype flew in 1936, and the aircraft became one of the greatest recconaissance aircraft of all time. Powered by an Argus AS 10-C eight cylinder air-cooled piston engine of 176 kW, the aircraft has a wingspan of 14.22 meters, a height of 3 meters and a length of 10 meters. The maximum speed…
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The first production F.1 flew in 1973, with South Africa receiving it’s first delivery in 1975. Powered by a Snecma-Atar 09k-50 turbojet rated at 5035 kg (7166 kg on afterburner) the Mirage is capable of Mach 2.2 The length is 15 meters, the height is 4.5 meters and the wingspan is 8.4 meters.

C-47 6832 Accident Summary (The coelacanth Dakota)

DOUGLAS C-47 DAKOTA 6832 (Reprinted by kind permission of Clinton Barnard – Aviation & Safety Magazine) NOTE: This is the same aircraft that was involved in the coelacanth flight in December 1952 Occurrence Date: 26 January 1966 Aircraft Involved: one Douglas C-47A Dakota Mk III NAV (serial 6832) Aircrew & Aircraft Home Unit: Station Flight,…
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