The Friends of the Museum

The Museum exists in a large part due to the efforts of the Volunteers. This organisation is called The Friends of the Museum, and this website will tell you how to join.

Sponsors – This Museum would not exist without the support of our sponsors. Our thanks to our regular contributors and photographers, including Gen Derrick Page, Chris Teale, Steve McLean, Dean Wingrin, John Coutts, Greg Pullen, Kirk Kinnear, Jens Schmidtgen, Irene McCullagh, Nic Wonfor, Norman Tinkler,  Michelle Viljoen, The Elricks and the many unsung heroes, the Friends.

This website has been in operation since 2000 and is sponsored and maintained by Cameron Kirk Kinnear.

Previously to this year a website was run by myself for the museum on a company sponsored domain.


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