Super Frelon 321L

Super Frelon #314 is cared for in a running condition at the Museum at Ysterplaat Air Force Base.

Frelon #314 dwarfs the Ford Canada CMP truck.

The first prototype flew on December 7th, 1962, and the first production model flew on November 11th, 1965.

This French aircraft was powered by three Turbomeca Turmo IIIC turbo shaft engines rated at 1320 shp (985Kw) each. The fuselage is 19.4 metres and the rotor diameter is 18.9 metres. The gross mass is 13 000 kilograms.

The aircraft had a maximum speed of 275kmh at sea level with a range of 820 kilometres. The service ceiling was 3150 metres. A crew of pilot, co-pilot and engineer, and 27 passengers could be carried.