Aeromacchi Atlas MB326M Impala Mark I and Mark II

Impala 531, in Silver Falcons scheme, taken at Hoedspruit in 1997.

Impala Mk II #1027 taken at Bloemspruit in 1997.

Impala #524 taken at the SAAF Museum at Swartkops in 2003.

An Italian design, the South African versions are known as Impalas. The dual seat prototype first flew in 1957, with the single seat version’s first flight occurring in 1970.

The power plant is a Rolls Royce Viper Mk 540 turbojet offering 1547kg’s of static thrust.

The principal dimensions include a wingspan of 10,56 metres, a height of 3.72 metres, and a length of 10,65 metres.

Top speed at sea level of 770kmh, with a service ceiling of 12500 metres and a range of 1665 kilometres.