The Restoration

The acquisition, the removal of the aircraft from the base at Cape Town International Airport, obtaining storage, permission for the project and fighting determined and continuous efforts to have the project disbanded, removed or re-located were all minor obstacles overcome by the dedicated band of volunteers over the years.

This band of volunteers began with six members of the Cape Town Friends, supported by the museologist, the OC of the museum and the base, and serving members of the SAAF.

Over the years this team grew, and as the project grew momentum and Phase One progressed, the 6832 Grubby Rubbies were to be found almost every Saturday giving this aircraft a new lease of life.

Some of the original team contemplating the work ahead of them.

The team grew, as did their skills under the tutelage of the stalwart Kevin Furness.

If you were one of the team, even if only for a day, please reach out so we can include you.