Youth Day, 16th June 2011

The Cadets were treated to a special day on Youth Day, Thursday 16 June 2011 at the SAAF Museum, to honour them for all their achievements and to celebrate the day.

Unfortunately the weather did not play along, but they did manage some outdoor activities when the rain eased, scampering back indoors when the rain started again. There was a bit of cricket, soccer, and volley ball with a fence as a net. Very inventive.

Indoor activities were a movie and a team build, where they were given 15 pipe cleaners and had 30 mins to build something. Items ranged from a quad bike, a rescue boat, the Shackleton lifeboat and one team each made eyewear representing a movie character.

Lunch was a bring and braai and then they were treated to a dvd of YDP photos of the year so far, which they thoroughly enjoyed judging from the jokes and laughter.

The end result of a great day, laughter, fun and bonding.

Lee Stanbury

Youth Development Program Leader