Westland Wasp HAS. Mk1

Wasp #93 at AFB Ysterplaat.  Image by Jens Schmidtgen

Wasp #93 and website author at AFB Ysterplaat in 2002. He served on the SAS President Kruger, which operated Wasp helicopters in an anti-submarine role.

SAS President Pretorius.  Image by C K Kinnear

Taken by the website author in 1981 from the helicopter deck of the SA Navy Flagship SAS President Kruger, SAS President Pretorius and WASP HAS. MK1 operate south of Cape Point.

Note the forefoot of the frigate is completely out of the water.

Wasp #85 operating off the SAS President Kruger in 1981.    Image by C K Kinnear

The first prototype flew in the UK in 1958, and the first production model flew in 1962. Developed as an antisubmarine ship-based unit, the aircraft carries a pilot and a flight engineer and three passengers. Armed with either two Mk 44 torpedoes or depth charges, this aircraft had a range of 488km and a maximum speed of 104 knots, or 193 km/h.

Image by Elmarie Dreyer

Powered by a Rolls Royce Bristol Nimbus 503 turbo shaft, the SAAF ordered 17 WASPs of which 16 were delivered.

Image by Irene McCullagh