Project Dreamwings

Arthur D Piercy

In 1984 Arthur was sent to 3 Squadron at AFB Waterkloof to fly Mirages. Since seeing a Mirage F1 at an airshow in 1971, he had always wanted to fly Mirages.

In 1987 Arthur’s aircraft was hit in the tail area  by an air-to-air missile during a dogfight with a Mig 23. He brought his damaged aircraft back to base, but the damage sustained had resulted in the failure of critical systems such as the braking parachute and hydraulics. As a result of the subsequent crash, he left hospital seven months later with a C6 and C7 neck fracture, and permanently confined to a wheel chair. In 1991 he was medically discharged from the Air Force.

Arthur has since gone scuba diving,  participated in the Argus Cycle tour, the World Wheel Chair Games in Wheelchair Rugby, gaines SA Champion status in the shotput and javelin and silver in shot-put. He has also completed his PPL, and is now eyeing out wheel chair ballroom dancing.

His greatest challenge however is the completion of a specific aircraft, adapted for him, and in which he will fly around the world. This is Project Dreamwings.

You can find out more about this Project from Arthur himself on his website.