Korean War 60th Anniversary

Stunning hand-built model of a Sabre sits on the port wing of Sabre No 372. Model by Jon Durant, image by Greg Pullin

Dean Wingrin conducted a series of interviews for the Anniversary:

Joe Joubert

A veteran of the Berlin Airlift, Joe flew the P-51D Mustang during the Korean War.

Joe was the only SAAF pilot to reach 175 combat missions, achieved during two combat tours.

He was also the only recipient to receive the Oak Leaf Cluster in lieu of a second Distinguished Flying Cross.

Lombard Chris-s

Chris Lombard

Chris was flying a P-51D Mustang, attacking a power station near the Yalu River, when he lost all

electrics of his aircraft and had to bail out.

He was captured as a POW and despite numerous escape attempts, was only released after the

Armistice, having spent 22 months and 22 days as a prisoner.

Porky Rich

A bomber pilot in WWII and a navigator during the Berlin Airlift, Porky completed

72 sorties flying the Mustang in just under four months that he was in Korea.

Sweeney Horse-s

A Veteran of WWII, Horse was in the first group of SAAF pilots to go to Korea.

His aircraft was hit by ground fire on his 53rd mission and despite injuries and blood loss, he

successfully landed at a nearby airfield.

George Thom

George Thom

A Sabre pilot, George was the last SAAF pilot to be taken POW when he was shot down whilst attacking vehicles.

Although he only spent 41 days in captivity, he lost 40 pounds.

Visser Piet-s

Piet completed four missions on the Mustang before he converted to the Sabre.

During one of his Sabre missions, having bombed a target, he experienced pressurisation

problems and found that he could not lower his undercarriage for landing.

He then performed a belly-landing with minimal damage to the aircraft.

Neville Coxon

Neville Coxon

A radio technician, Neville was in the first group of 21 SAAF members to go Korea (via ship). He spent 14 months in Korea before returning to South Africa.