Derrick Dickens Collection


Derrick Dickens was a renowned international aviation artist.


His first international exhibition took place in Dallas, Texas in 1980.


He was invited to exhibit at the American Society of Aviation Artists 13th, annual exhibition held at the Warner Robins Air Force base, Georgia in 1999 where two of his paintings were chosen.


In 2000 the American Society of Aviation Artists chose a further two paintings for their 14th Annual Capital of Flight exhibition, held in Fort Worth, Texas, a further two paintings were chosen for the 9th Annual Horizons of Flight in Dallas.


He was also a prominent exhibitor in the annual exhibitions of the South African Guild of Aviation Artists, held in various venues such as the Sandton Center, Total Gallery, Zwartkop Air Force Base and Centurion Park.


His paintings hang in a number of private collections, as well as in Museum art galleries three were procured by the Nimitz Naval Museum, Houston Texas, one by the Smithsonian Aerospace Institute, Washington DC.


His Thunderbolt hangs in the clubhouse of the Confederate Air Force in Harlingen, Texas and the Warner Robbins Museum of Aviation in Georgia has his Sea Venoms.


South Africa House on Trafalgar Square has his Cheetahs over Cape Point.


Derrick was a member of both the South African and British Guilds of Aviation Artists.