PE SAAF Museum Art Gallery

The Art Gallery was established in 2010 through a joint venture between Don Bell, a well known artist, and the Port Elizabeth SAAF Museum.

A portion of the funds from works and prints sold in the Gallery are donated to the Museum.

A selection of the images currently for sale.


Painting & Illustration Commissions and Purchasing

Don’s paintings can be purchased, various size prints ordered of all works both in the Gallery and art Collection, or commissions can be produced to order by contacting him directly. All purchases or commissioned works will accrue a donation to the PESAAF Museum.


About Don Bell

Don is a well known Artist based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Don paints a wide variety of works, all which can be viewed here.

Don is a multi-gifted artist and illustrator, senior architectural technologist, marketing & advertising consultant, events organizer and photographer.
He works in oils, water colours, charcoal, pencil, pen, multi-media and does computer-art, paintings, drawings and commercial illustrations.
Don enjoys all types of subject matter including wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, portraits, architecture, contemporary art, aviation, ships, trains and still life.
His approach to colour, form, composition, subject matter:
“As a designer and artist, I am inspired by all types of subject matter and am constantly experimenting with new techniques and colours. Wildlife & aviation however, are my passions which I constantly revert back to.”

Don’s mission.
“My creative mission is to produce unconditional fine-art excellence which will leave a legacy that is an accurate record, inspires, brings joy and is a delight to the art owner.”

Art Philosophy.
“My philosophy is to enjoy and replicate all facets of God’s creations and pursue my own gifts. I receive enormous satisfaction from mentoring others and donating my time and works to worthy causes which benefit humanity, South African Heritage and the environment.
Most of my works are well researched and the subject and locations are accurate as possible so that they provide a historical record for others to appreciate and protect.”