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100 Years

Defenceweb commentary Flightline Commentary, with a good account of the History of the SAAF

One of the Few

ONE OF THE FEW Squadron Leader Albert Gerald Lewis, DFC and bar INTRODUCTION It all started with a picture. A photo in the book called THE FEW. A photo of a young – rather long haired – RAF pilot, standing besides his Hurricane with a big grin. I could not shake off that image of…
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Collective Heritage Display

The Chief of the Air Force unveiled the Collective Heritage Display Hall at the Swartkop branch of the SAAF Museum on Thursday 15th of September. It is the first phase of the complete revamp. Here’s how it looks:

SAAF Sabre in War Eagles Museum New Mexico

Wilfred Teper visited the War Eagles Air Museum in New Mexico and found a SAAF Sabre #365 on Display. It seems that this aircraft was one of around 10 sold to Flight Systems of California to be used as target drones, but is in a flying condition at the War Eagles Museum. (Civil registration revised,…
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C-47 6855 SA-7 Missile Strike

In 1986, while on a flight to Ondangwa at about 8000ft, Dakota C-47 #32961, SAAF 6855 was hit by a SA-7 missile. The explosion ripped off most of the tail. To add additional pressure, the Dakota was full of military VIP passengers including the Chief of the Army.  The aircraft commander, Capt Colin Green slowed…
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It took 15 years to save MT-2800

After decades of neglect and threat of destruction MT2800 has a proper home and a future. MT 2800 built by British Power Boat Company at their Hythe yard as a 24ft marine Tender Mk II and was assigned the Yard number 1961. She was completed and taken on charge by the RAF at 62 MU…
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Steve Stevens, DFC (SAAF Beaufighter Pilot)

Steve Stevens, DFC, is frail, bedridden and in pain. However, there is no doubt that this man is a force, a man who has packed more into his 96 years on Earth than most of us, and who is firmly committed to his goals and his religion. When I call him to arrange the meeting,…
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Johan Conradie – Buccaneer Images

Some more feedback on the Buccaneer profile sketch project. Johan Conradie now has the following sketches completed A sketch of each of the eight Buccaneers (412 to 419) with the flight crew names at Lossiemouth on 27 October 1965 Buccaneer G-2-1 (411) fitted with long range fuel tanks Buccaneer G-2-2 (412) equipped with French Nord…
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Museum Stalwarts

F Sgt Elna Hadfield is a museographer and a jack of all trades, from managing the SAAF Museum “Ops” Room to running 110 Squadron. She says that nothing is impossible and is responsible for all staff matters to ordering a pot of paint of paint. She is married to Lt Col Pierre Hadfield and has…
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Major Edwin Swales VC DFC Memorial

On 06 May 2015 a memorial service was held at the Major Edwin Swales VC DFC memorial at the Durban High School to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Edwin Swales (1915 – 2015), the 70th anniversary of the death of Edwin Swales (1945 – 2015) and the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe…
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