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One of the Few

ONE OF THE FEW Squadron Leader Albert Gerald Lewis, DFC and bar INTRODUCTION It all started with a picture. A photo in the book called THE FEW. A photo of a young – rather long haired – RAF pilot, standing besides his Hurricane with a big grin. I could not shake off that image of…
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C-47 6855 SA-7 Missile Strike

In 1986, while on a flight to Ondangwa at about 8000ft, Dakota C-47 #32961, SAAF 6855 was hit by a SA-7 missile. The explosion ripped off most of the tail. To add additional pressure, the Dakota was full of military VIP passengers including the Chief of the Army.  The aircraft commander, Capt Colin Green slowed…
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It took 15 years to save MT-2800

After decades of neglect and threat of destruction MT2800 has a proper home and a future. MT 2800 built by British Power Boat Company at their Hythe yard as a 24ft marine Tender Mk II and was assigned the Yard number 1961. She was completed and taken on charge by the RAF at 62 MU…
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Johan Conradie – Buccaneer Images

Some more feedback on the Buccaneer profile sketch project. Johan Conradie now has the following sketches completed A sketch of each of the eight Buccaneers (412 to 419) with the flight crew names at Lossiemouth on 27 October 1965 Buccaneer G-2-1 (411) fitted with long range fuel tanks Buccaneer G-2-2 (412) equipped with French Nord…
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Museum Stalwarts

F Sgt Elna Hadfield is a museographer and a jack of all trades, from managing the SAAF Museum “Ops” Room to running 110 Squadron. She says that nothing is impossible and is responsible for all staff matters to ordering a pot of paint of paint. She is married to Lt Col Pierre Hadfield and has…
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History Made and Heritage Lost

By Geoff Hamp-Adams. With the cessation of hostilities in May 1945, aircraft in their hundreds lined the runways of both friend and foe right across the expanse of Europe and the Far East, and the problem of de-mobilisation of personnel was compounded by the recovery and disposal of aircraft and related equipment. South Africa was…
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SA Fleet Air Arm Exercises

  Film of Fleet Air Arm exercise in South Africa. Film includes Wingfield, Marmon Herrington Armoured Cars, and PV1.   [youtube httpv:// ]    

Alan Weinburg – RIP 13.06.2014

  It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Alan passed away this morning. Alan dedicated many years to the SAAF Museum as a fundraiser, shop manager, long standing committee member amongst a host of other activities. Very few people have spent the amount of time and effort that Alan contributed to…
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68th Anniversary of the Warsaw Flights – Saturday, 8th September 2012

68th ANNIVERSARY OF THE WARSAW FLIGHTS – Saturday, 8 September 2012 Tomorrow we will commemorate the 68th Anniversary of the heroic flights over Warsaw by South African and Allied airmen to drop supplies to the Polish Home Army and civilian population of Warsaw, at that time locked in a mortal struggle for freedom. Details of…
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South Africa’s oldest paratrooper

Bloemfontein- The oldest still-serving member of South Africa’s elite paratroops, Major Hans Human, has been a paratrooper all his life, whether as a National Serviceman or a member of the Reserve Force. He’s been jumping out of aeroplanes for more than 47 years. Read more: