Battle of Britain

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The Exhibition was held to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and was based on the personal experiences of Survivors of The Battle.

In particular, two survivors were on hand to give first hand accounts of what the experience was like. They explained what is was like to fly their respective aircraft.  Heinz Migeod flew the Stuka JU87B dive bomber, and Pat Wells flew the Hurricane fighter.  They informed visitors about the time and era, and reminisced about friends no longer with them.

The exhibition did not feature any of the politics or propaganga surrounding the Battle, but focused solely on the individuals involved, including the pilots, ground crews, civilians and families.

Also present were Joan Hutchinson and Jessica Teale of the Women’s Auxilliary Air Force (WAAF), David Lithgow (Air Sea Rescue) and Norman Brason, Aircraft Fitter, among others.

David Lithgow

Jessica Teale

David Lithgow and Jessica Teale, Survivors of the Battle assisted at the exhibition.

Pat Wells, with Heinz Migeod (Standing)

Two simulators were specifically built for the Exhibition. Guests could climb into the Hurricane and fly over the patchwork countryside in Defence of the Realm, or fly the nimble ME109E in an escort mission to ensure the bombers get through.