Young Falcons Academy



Brief Summary of the Young Falcons Program

A number of Grade 10’s are selected each year based on their mathematics prowess, fitness and 
enthusiasm for flying to complete a one year course in aviation basics and some formative short courses. 

Successful candidates are invited back for a second year as Grade 11’s where these subjects are handled more thoroughly and a few very interesting aspects of Aviation are added into the course on an ad-hoc basis. 


Eligibility for joining Young Falcons Program 

1. Must be starting Grade 10 in the year that they want to join. 

2. Must have Maths as a subject (“Maths Literacy” not acceptable) – the higher the mark, the better your chance. 

3. Must be able to attend the course every second Saturday during the school term 

4. Applications close in the first week of February each year. 

5. There are many, many applications each year – candidates who suffer from asthma, need glasses or have any physical infirmity are most likely not to be selected. 
Selection is done according to the demographics indicated in the 2001 SA Statistics for Western Cape high school learners taking Maths on the higher grade. 


Time scale

Selection is done by the end of February. Interviews and fitness tests are done soon 
thereafter and the successful candidates (and their parents/teachers) are invited 
to the opening session the very next Saturday. 

The course is mostly from 09h00 until 13h30 every second Saturday during the school terms.

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